Saturday & Sunday, 23rd & 24th October 2021

Our obsession with Cats is Here and it’s Real, and justifiably so.

Welcome to Cat-World Club Malta:

Passionate about feline breeds and love for all cats.

Delightfully we are promoting knowledge, education and interest of feline breeds and domesticated cats to owners, exhibitors and also for general public.

Showing cats is fun and rewarding! Would you like to Show your Cat?

A World Cat Organisation of Cats (WOC) judged event presented by Cat-World Club Malta (CCM), where cats are judged by breed standard and the owners of cats compete to win titles in various categories.

The WOC All Breed Judges selected for this felicitous first show are:

Dr. Victor N. Zaalov – IsraelMs. Olga Feldman – Germany

The show allows both pedigreed felines and household cats to compete. 

This exhibition participates in the TopCat International Cat Ranking System. The rating is through credited points awarded for each title received. Points are accumulated during the calendar year and then summed up. At the beginning of the next calendar year, results for the best cat, breeders and catteries are announced and awarded accordingly.

The Venue: SmartCity Malta – A one of a kind venue with the breath-taking Mediterranean Sea as its backdrop.

If you are interested in attending our show and enjoying a feline atmosphere you can find some additional information on the show by visiting our website: www.catworldclubmalta, click Show calendar & Shows, then click on the cat show banner.

Before showing your cat it is highly recommended to read shows’ information on our website.

Questions: Kindly email us via [email protected]

Cat-World Club Malta is affiliated with the World Cat Organisation of Cats, WOC.