23rd & 24th April Smart City Malta

23rd & 24th April – Smart City Malta

Wow, am so beautiful

Cat-World Club Malta is excited to present our 3rd & 4th International Cat Shows

Entries are now Open

Please indicate class(es), WOC Rings and Fun Shows, also if you wish the club to provide you with a pet shelter.

All Cat Lovers are invited!
Enjoy showing of your felines whilst scoring!

TopCat Points, 2022 & Winning Top Prizes !!

WOC All breed judge
Ms Eleonora Ruggiero, Italy
All breed TICA judge
Mr Kurt Vlach, Austria
All breed TICA judge
Ms Irene van Belzen, Netherlands

Will be judging for both pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats.

For further assistance kindly send an email to [email protected]

Show entry fee is to be paid upon submitting application to
Revolut or BOV +3569991846
WOC Rings, Fun Shows and Pet Shelter rental will be paid on the day of the show, 23rd April.